Concept and contents by Sonja Duggen and Cordula Klemm

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Cornerstone Laying Ceremony at the Helmholtz Diabetes Campus


The largest German location for diabetes research is expanding its capacity. In April 2015 Bernd Sibler, state secretary in the Bavarian Ministry for Education, Science and the Arts, and representatives of Helmholtz Zentrum München laid the cornerstone. On the grounds of Helmholtz Zentrum München on the northern outskirts of Munich, ultramodern infrastructures for diabetes research are being planned.

In its final phase, the Helmholtz Diabetes Campus will encompass two research buildings for more than 200 employees each as well as the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, an elite institution for future top researchers. Thus, ideal conditions are being created for scientific exchange and innovative research. The first construction phase is made possible through the support of the Free State of Bavaria, which is contributing to the financing with EUR 20 million. The Helmholtz Association is providing EUR 18 million.

For the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus Bavaria has pledged another EUR 20 million from funds of the Ministry of the Economy, and the Helmholtz Association has also pledged EUR 20 million. The Helmholtz Diabetes Campus shall be a showcase for diabetes research in Bavaria, which shall unfold a synergy effect for German diabetes research and shall attract top scientists from around the world.

Conception: HDR-TMK

Ultramodern Infrastructure Gives Imputs to a New Scientific Culture

The architecture of the Helmholtz Diabetes Campus offers ideal conditions for research. Here all diabetes activities of the Center shall be accommodated according to international standards. In the first phase, approximately 7,000 square meters of usable space laboratory and office space will provide work places for 220 employees. The construction costs for this are estimated to be EUR 48 million and will be financed by funds of the Helmholtz Association, the Free State of Bavaria and an own contribution by the Center.

Conception: HDR-TMK

A Focal Point of Diabetes Research Is Being Created

As next milestone, the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus is being planned: On a total area of 4500 square meters for laboratories, offices and seminar rooms 150 outstanding scientists will work together. A strong focus on communication and networking makes the building special.

A Unique Research Atmosphere for a New Generation of Scientists

With financial support of the Helmholtz Association and the Free State of Bavaria, a unique research atmosphere for a new generation of international, talented young scientists is being created. An additional laboratory and office complex for 220 employees shall ultimately follow in the third construction stage. By planning flexible work areas, the campus can adjust easily to changes in scientific technologies and methodological advancements. At the end of 2017, employees can move into the finished first phase. The Helmholtz Diabetes Campus provides the impetus for a new science culture, in which researchers from different disciplines work on solutions to meet the challenges of our society.


Günther Wess

“In just a few years we have become a leading research center in the field of diabetes. Our goal is to as quickly as possible develop new therapies and prevention strategies. For this purpose, we are creating innovative structures that promote interdisciplinary and scientific exchange.”

Günther Wess, scientific director of Helmholtz Zentrum München and vice president of Health in the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres

Bernd Sibler

“Nothing succeeds like a good idea. The new infrastructures will further strengthen the Munich location in the German Center for Diabetes Research and help us a maintain a leading position internationally in the premier league of research centers."

Bernd Sibler, state secretary in the Bavarian Ministry for Education, Science and the Arts, on the occasion of the cornerstone laying ceremony for the Helmholtz Diabetes Campus

Alfons Enhsen

 “The Free State of Bavaria is participating far beyond the usual funding key for the realization of the first building phase. It thus enables our center to meet the needs of research in the future. With the Helmholtz Diabetes Campus, we are providing a modern infrastructure that is attractive for scientists in international competition.”

Alfons Enhsen is managing director for the Scientific-Technical Infrastructure at Helmholtz Zentrum München


Matthias Tschöp

“The Helmholtz Diabetes Campus will be a nucleus for research, a creative environment for innovative ideas. Here basic research and application-oriented development will work together on one of the most important biomedical challenges of our time.”

Matthias Tschöp, speaker of the Helmholtz Diabetes Center, director of the Institute for Diabetes and Obesity and Alexander von Humboldt-Professor for Metabolic Diseases at Technische Universität München

Laying the Cornerstone

Bernd Sibler, Bavarian state secretary, sets the foundation for the cornerstone. Matthias Tschoep, speaker of the Helmholtz Diabetes Center, fills the time capsule.


Where the Music Will Play in Diabetes Research


The cornerstone has been laid for the Helmholtz Diabetes Campus. All research groups in the field of diabetes at Helmholtz Zentrum München will be working under one roof. Resources and infrastructures will be optimally used; short communication pathways will facilitate scientific exchange and communication. With the symbolic act in a festive setting, Helmholtz Zentrum München expresses its thanks. Researchers, supporters and initiators mark this with a swinging celebration at the building site, where soon the music will play in diabetes research.