Clinical Data Science and AI: Current research and future directions

Organized by the Institute of AI for Health (AIH) at Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU), the Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI) at Technical University Munich (TUM) and ELLIS Munich

Our new monthly seminar features highlight talks from medical doctors and methodology experts. With presenting successful projects, we want to strengthen and initialize collaborations between clinics and data science in Munich. Everyone who is interested in discussing the future of clinical AI and exchanging ideas is cordially invited.

The seminar takes place virtually once a month, Thursday from 5 - 6 pm.

Meeting link: Zoom

Date Topic Clinical Talk Method Talk
07.07.2022 Data Science in Orthopaedics Rüdiger Eisenhart-Rothe (TUM) Rainer Burgkart (TUM)
23.06.2022 Patient records and their analysis Eimo Martens (TUM) Narges Ahmidi (Helmholtz)
10.02.2022 Unsupervised Brain Pathology Segmentation Benedikt Wiestler (TUM) Shadi Albarqouni (Helmholtz Munich)
16.12.2021 Multiomics Analytics of Coronary Artery Disease Heribert Schunkert and Moritz von Scheidt (German Heart Center Munich) Annie Westerlund (HMGU)
11.11.2021 Assisted Intervention Dirk Wilhelm (TUM) Nassir Navab (TUM)
21.10.2021 Radiology and AI Daniela Pfeiffer (TUM) Julia Schnabel (HMGU)
16.09.2021 Computational Pathology Wilko Weichert (TUM) Peter Schüffler (TUM) & Carsten Marr (HMGU)