Research Group Complex Diseases (CD)

Our research focuses on the genetic, epigenetic, and functional analysis of complex diseases – such as cardiovascular and metabolic conditions – and their intermediate phenotypes. We use epidemiological methods to study the complex interplay between molecular mechanisms and environmental factors in the context of the onset and progression of disease. Identified loci are subjected to further functional characterization.

We have particular experience in conducting high-throughput genotyping and genome-wide methylation projects. Our group is part of the Genome Analysis Center (GAC), a high-throughput genotyping platform offering several state-of-the-art laboratory technologies that enable the generation of high-dimensional omics data. This data is essential for the understanding of the molecular underpinnings of complex diseases. Additionally, we have established a functional pipeline using molecular biology and cell-culture-based techniques for in vitro and in vivo characterization of SNP and methylation effects.

Team of Research Group "Complex Diseases" at Chiemsee/Bavaria