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Theresa Ester
PhD student

Phone: +49 7071 29 87717

Research interests:

My research interest is focused on brain health and the prevention of type 2 diabetes. For my PhD work, I am investigating the possibility of enhancing neuroplasticity in insulin-sensitive brain regions in order to improve insulin sensitivity, weight management and cognitive functions.  For this purpose, I use non-invasive brain stimulation, measurements of peripheral metabolism and modern neuroimaging methods such as functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Current projects:

  • Enhancing brain health to prevent type 2 diabetes using non-invasive brain stimulation. 

Education and Career:

2021-today        PhD candidate

2017-2020         M. Sc. in Molecular Nutritional Science,

                         University of Hohenheim

2014-2017         B. Sc. in Nutritional Science and Home Economics,

                         Justus-Liebig University

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