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Prof. Dr. Ferruh Artunc
Medical doctor, Senior scientist

Phone: +49 7071 29-82711 (reception)

Research interests:

Diabetic nephropathy can lead to nephrotic syndrome, a condition characterized by proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema and hyperlipidemia. Our lab is investigating the pathophysiology of edema formation in nephrotic syndrome which is caused by renal sodium retention. We found in mice that sodium retention is caused by proteolytic activation of the epithelial sodium channel ENaC in the distal nephron by aberrantly filtered plasma serine proteases. Our focus is to identify those essential serine proteases that are responsible for proteolytic ENaC activation in nephrotic syndrome.

Education and career: 

2001                   Graduation from Medical School (University Tübingen)

Since 2002          Medical Doctor at the Department of Internal Medicine

                           of the University hospital Tübingen

Since 2010          Nephrologist

Prizes and Awards:

  • Nils-Alwall-Award 2019 of the German Society of Nephrology (DGfN)
  • Abstract award of the European Renal Association (ERA-EDTA) 2020
  • Special award of the Institute for Nephrology 2018
  • Abstract awards from the German Society of Nephrology (DGfN 2012, 2018)

Current projects:

  • Proteomic analysis of the excretion of proteases in the urine from nephrotic patients and mice
  • Investigation of urinary protease activity using peptides
  • Investigation of the role of candidate proteases using knockout mouse models subjected to experimental nephrotic syndrome
  • Randomized clinical trial in patients with nephrotic syndrome to determine the efficacy of ENaC inhibition for the treatment of edema (AMILOR, Eudra-CT 2019-0020607-18)


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