The Bioinformatics Unit was established in 2018 as a service unit at the Institute of Computational Biology. Since 2021, the Bioinformatics Platform is part of the Genomics Core Facility. The current members of the unit are listed in Team.

Our mission

The Bioinformatics Unit is focusing on support for science at HMGU but also for external principals.

Thereby, the latest scientific and technical developments are closely followed, tested and integrated in end-to-end computational workflows that provide a necessary prerequisite for excellence in research.

The current focus of the Unit is to provide service for the analysis of next generation sequencing (NGS) data (visit NGS-background for more information). 

To that end, we

  1. Develop and provision state-of-the-art transferrable, reusable and reproducible bioinformatics analysis pipelines for various next generation sequencing (NGS) applications as a service (visit Pipelines for details)
  2. Provide training, using interactive platforms to enable users to perform follow-up analytics and visualizations without the need for own large-scale bioinformatics infrastructure and resources (visit Training for details)
  3. Provide consulting, customized analysis, mentoring of students and knowledge transfer projects (visit Services for details).