Publications, Co-authorship and Acknowledgements

We adhere to the authorship guidelines provided by HMGU and the DFG.


The following paragraph is an excerpt regarding authorship from the HMGU publication guidelines:


§ 4 Authors

(1) Only those individuals who have significantly contributed 

  • to the design of experiments and/or studies,

  • to the processing, analysis and interpretation of the data or 

  • to the drafting of the manuscript 

and have consented to the publication of the paper, i.e. who share responsibility for it, can be accepted as author.


For all other contributions, BCF should be put into the Acknowledgement section of the publication.

Please use the following statement in the Acknowledgement section:

"We thank [add BCF staff member name here] for bioinformatics support provided at the Bioinformatics Core Facility, Institute of Computational Biology, Helmholtz Zentrum München."