TOPIC IX "aeroHEALTH & Data analysis"

Dac-Loc Nguyen
PhD Student


Dac-Loc Nguyen  is from DaNang, a coastal city of Vietnam. He graduated from Danang University of Polytechnich in 2009, then left for Taiwan to absolve his master degree at Aerosol laboratory in National Central University. He is interested in the fields of particulate matter pollution and aerosol chemistry, focusing on measurements of inorganic and organic aerosol composition and quantifying emitted source contribution on aerosol loadings. He has joined and conducted assessment of air quality and potential sources of adverse particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) in the north of Vietnam via grass-root 7SEAS project. At the moment, he is working with GC-GC TOF MS technique to characterize and determine comprehensively a wide range of both target and non-target organic components from combustion processes from Vietnam, which helps to elucidate the source apportionment studies.


Thesis: Comprehensive characterization of Biomass burning aerosol from Vietnam and implications on aging processes.