Employee Benefits

At our center, we promote and believe in work-life balance. For this reason, we offer a working environment which is adaptable to our people's needs.

Advantages of the collective agreement TVöD Bund

All employees benefit from these advantages through the collective agreement for the public sector - federal government:

  • 30 vacation days per year
  • weekly working time 39 hours, depending on the activity a flexible organisation of working time is possible
  • time off in lieu for overtime hours
  • discounted travel ticket / IsarCardJob "Bund" and DB-Ticket
  • annual special payment (60/80/90% depending on pay group)
  • contributions to capital formation
  • occupational pension provision via the Federal and State Pension Fund (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder - VBL)

Job & Family

We offer our employees the best possible balance between professional and family life:

  • flexible working hours
  • opportunities for part-time work
  • continuing education & training
  • employee offers/discounts
  • parent-child room
  • family office
  • guide for future parents
  • work exemption for fathers on the birth day of their child
  • welcome Package for the new generation
  • holiday child care
  • nursery "Ganz schön frech" on the Neuherberg campus
  • elder care consulting

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    Gender Equality

    We offer equal opportunities to all staff. The primary goal is to increase the proportion of women in science and research in general and in management positions in particular. We aim to improve the compatibility of family and career for all our employees.

    A package of measures contributes to the achievement of these objectives:

    • gender equality plan based on the research-oriented gender equality standards of the German Research Foundation (DFG)
    • family-friendly, flexible working hours: time off in lieu system and part-time offers
    • day-care centre, a parent-child office, holiday care for schoolchildren
    • family Office helps to reconcile family and career
    • two mentoring programs for female executives
    • training program to promote the careers of women
    • dual Career Office continuously being expanded by the entry of new companies
    • TOTAL-E-Quality award for exemplary equality policies for women and men

    International Staff Services

    HR - International Staff Services is the central and established contact point at our center for all staff, guests and their families from abroad. Here you receive advice, support and information on all non-academic matters before, during and after your stay in Munich.

    The International Staff Services office offers support and assistance with all questions and problems that international researchers and families come across in order to make it easier for them to get started at the center and in the city. The individual and flexible services offered range from information in German and English to personal counselling interviews (in additional languages if required). We also support engaging with the public authority services, with housing and schooling as well as with finding places in crèches and kindergartens.

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    © Helmholtz Zentrum München

    Career development

    We support the career development of all employees with the most effective tools and methods.

    Our approach is based on individual consultations on personal needs, current status, preferred career paths and career support measures. In addition, means of potential analysis are used. 
    The support extends over all phases of career development: from the identification of personal career perspectives (Career Identity), qualification measures, the development of beneficial competencies, to the expansion of networks and the optimization of self-marketing.

    In addition to larger information events, classical seminars and training courses on competence development, coaching processes and mentoring procedures are used to systematically support career development.

    Support for scientists

    For employees in research, we offer services and programs for the challenges of everyday work and career development at every career level:

    • Integration of doctoral students into the Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health (HELENA), a joint initiative to promote doctoral students at Helmholtz Zentrum München, LMU and TUM.
      • intensive scientific education in health and environmental research, individualized curriculum
      • established topic-specific International Research Schools
      • translational projects with close links between basic and clinical research and integration into interdisciplinary scientific teams
      • access to the most modern platforms and the latest technologies
      • promotion of international networking through support for congress visits and research stays
      • intensive support and mentoring by a personal Thesis Committee
      • financing security for doctoral students for the duration of the three-year doctoral contract as well as the possibility of extension on recommendation of the personal Thesis Committee
      • extensive advanced training programme in basic knowledge relevant to science (scientific writing and presentation, basics of statistics, etc.). ) as well as for the acquisition of interdisciplinary qualifications in management, leadership and communication
      • doctorate at one of the two Munich universities of excellence
    • career orientation and counselling by the Career Center for doctoral students and postdocs as well as creation of individual career development plans
    • Junior Research Group Programme with Tenure Track

    Healthcare Management

    Health is particularly close to the heart of our centre.

    The offerings of our in-house health management strengthen awareness and mindfulness for health. At the same time, it is important to reintegrate people with health impairments into working life.

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    The sports and gymnastics programme comprises up to 25 different courses. Back exercises, various forms of yoga, Pilates, Qi-gong or workouts are offered. There are also open courses: Running meetings and a fitness lunch in the park area on campus.

    The psychosocial counselling centre is staffed by two external psychologists. Employees can find counselling and help with professional and private stress situations, psychological problems or bullying.

    The onsite medical service is also a component of our health management. With various activities we contribute to the protection and improvement of your health, e.g. skin cancer screening, bowel cancer screening, checking your vaccination card, offering flu vaccinations, the "bike to work" campaign, and much more. We also treat small injuries, help with acute complaints and advise you on the further treatment of illnesses.