FAQ - Corona Pandemic Special

We continue to recruit and are looking exactly for you!

To this end, we have adapted our recruitment process to ensure the greatest possible health protection for both our applicants and our employees. After successfully reviewing your application documents, we will invite you to a friendly video call or telephone interview, no special devices needed. Here we simulate a face-to-face interview situation in order to get to know you better.

Fight with us against the spread of environmentally related diseases and apply now.

Are the application procedures continuing as planned?

The application process remains basically the same. For the current corona situation, all interviews will be conducted digitally. This means that a telephone or video interview will be conducted instead of the face to face meeting. Applicants will not need any special technical knowledge or equipment.

In individual areas and job positions, a face-to-face meeting may still be necessary in exceptional cases, which will take place in compliance with all hygiene measures. If this is the case, you will be informed of this during the application process.

Is it possible to apply despite Corona?

Absolutely! Of course we are still looking forward to your application. You will find all open positions on our career page.

Will the apprenticeships start from September or will they be postponed?

According to current information, the apprenticeships will begin in September as planned. We are therefore looking forward to receiving your application for the training positions.

How is the onboarding process handled?

A plan is developed for the period of onboarding in each individual case. Please contact your direct manager in advance for more information. Together we will find a solution.

In the background we are already working on a solution how we can reproduce the Welcome Day for our new employees online.