With over 50 highly specialized scientific institutes and departments, we offer a wide variety of research activities. We are constantly growing with new, future-oriented projects such as the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, the Helmholtz AI Cooperation Unit, the climate change project EXHAUSTION, the Helmholtz Diabetes Center and many others to combine the individual disciplines for excellent research success.

Executive staff

For heads of a research institute or a scientific department we offer:

  • Research Excellence
  • Sustainable promotion of your professional development
  • Freedom and an extensive network for your ideas
  • Support with applications for third-party funding   


We support and promote our postdocs with measures specially designed for this career section:

  • Excellent support from experienced scientists and scholars
  • Sustainable promotion of your career (more information for Postdocs)
  • Support for gifted students in the form of the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program