IT @ Helmholtz Zentrum Munich

We offer a wide range of fields of activity. Besides the classical ICT infrastructure with a medium-sized network, our scientific computer science develops mathematical methods for computer analysis and simulation of biological systems. As an IT employee, you will talk to scientists on an equal footing and develop innovative projects and strategies for the center's infrastructure.

 Our current main topics are:

  • Deep Learning / Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • High Performance Computing
  • IT Security
  • Computational Biology



Scientific Computing

As part of the Institute of Computational Biology (ICB), scientific data processing focuses on complex systems, mathematical image and data analysis, and high-performance computing.

ICT Infrastructure

Versatile infrastructure, from data center to big data computing. This unit manages the communication equipment, networks, storage, hardware and software, platforms (mail, domain, terminal, web, virtualization) and high performance (cluster) computing.

ICT Support

As an internal service provider our support team makes a fundamental contribution to the center's excellent research work.

Applications & Digitization

This is where various topics converge, including our ticket system, data management, data analysis tools, deep learning applications and scientific services for mass data processing.

Information Security

An important aspect that has center-wide relevance. IT security poses great challenges to the protection of personal data, valuable research results and enormous amounts of data from experiments and biobanks.