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First prize for poster on AI methods to identify proteins for cancer treatment


Moritz Thomas, who is pursuing a PhD from the Institute of AI Health’s Marr Lab, has won the first prize for his poster at the 2021 German Stem Cell Network annual conference. The 9th edition of the conference, which took place from October 6-8, was held in Dresden, Germany, and welcomed around 300 participants from the stem cell community.


Moritz’ poster was titled ‘Systematic chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) target selection in acute myeloid leukemia leveraging single cell transcriptomic atlases.’ “CAR T cell therapy is a novel cancer cell therapy that targets tumor-specific proteins,” explains Mortiz, giving more information about the topic. “In AML, a type of blood cancer, there currently is no such target protein known. In my project, we used artificial intelligence (AI) methods to identify novel target proteins for CAR T cell therapy in AML,” he adds. “Using AI, we identified potential target proteins for novel therapeutic treatments. We provide a general approach that is translatable to alternative cancer entities.”

More information about the Marr Lab: The main focus of the lab is to develop methods to improve image-based diagnostics, quantitative hypothesis testing, and the prediction of biomedical system kinetics in close collaboration with biomedical and clinical partners.