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Information on the Cyberattack

In the past few days, the first systems, such as the telephone system, e-mail and WLAN, have largely been put back into operation. In parallel, a task force is working on the business recovery processes. All employees are being kept up to date on daily developments.

The investigations into which data the attackers had access to and to what extent is still ongoing. We will inform you as soon as we have reliable information.

At present, we must assume that data from administrative departments may have been copied. According to current knowledge, scientific research data is not affected.

A group of hackers claimed responsibility for the attack tonight and announced the publication of data. The investigating authorities have all the information - they are working at full speed on our case. As Helmholtz Munich, we are bound to secrecy in order not to jeopardize the proceedings or facilitate further attacks. 

We take the situation very seriously. But we are sure that together we will overcome this situation and thank you very much for your patience and your support.

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