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Research Groups

Alex_Traksel -

Functional Microbiomics

Our skin is a protective barrier between "us" and our environment. Yet the skin is much more than just a physical barrier. An acidic pH, immune cells and skin bacteria, the so-called skin microbiome, are part of the complex defense organ.
Which environmental factors influence the skin microbiome?

Healthy Human Lungs 2d illustration
jijomathai -

Human Exposure Science

Understanding how and when people are exposed to environmental factors like pollen, spores or air pollution will help to identify the causes of disease. We believe that the more we know about which environmental factors exactly have which effects, the more we will be able to improve public health.

Woman with allergy symptom blowing nose
djoronimo -

Environmental Immunology

What makes an allergen an allergen? Which signals must be emitted by harmless foreign proteins, on air-borne pollen for example, in order to be mistakenly classified by the mammalian immune system as harmful and allergic sensitization sets in? How does allergic sensitization work?

Futuristic data network
sdecoret -

Environmental Bioinformatics

Molecular model of immunoglobulin
Kateryna_Kon -

Immune Biomarker Group

Biomarkers play an important role in the prevention, diagnosis and in personalized treatment of diseases.
Our innovative projects CoVnasal, CoVaKo and Early-Opt-COVID-19 contribute to the advancement of a medicine that can offer tailor-made treatments to patients.