Economics and Management of Diabetes

Head: Prof. Dr. Michael Laxy
Deputy head: Dr. Renée Stark

The research unit focuses on economic aspects of prevention and management of metabolic diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, and complications of diabetes.

We aim to contribute to tailored and cost-effective prevention and management for people with or at high risk of diabetes. For this we conduct economic evaluations of interventions and management approaches, and analyze the disease burden in terms of effects on costs and quality of life. In cooperation with Research Group 1 we exploit behavioral economic concepts to predict health and self-management behavior.
Our team is very interdisciplinary and consists of members from the field of economics, statistics, medicine, epidemiology and public health. The core methodological skills of the group is the evaluation of trials, the analysis of observational cohort studies and claims data and the application and adaption of decision analytic models. Our projects range from analysis of personalized approaches to evaluation of public health initiatives and also include development of new methods.

As part of the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) we cooperate with clinicians of the DZD centers and evaluate multi-center intervention studies. The research group also supports the design and management of the population-based KORA studies. In addition, we have cooperations with international partners in different projects (University of Cambridge, Emory University, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention).

The group also closely cooperates with the Professorship of Public Health and Prevention at the Technical University of Munich.