Former Junior Research Group Economics and Management of Lung Diseases

Head: PD Dr. Larissa Schwarzkopf
Deputy head: Johanna Lutter

Established within the German Center for Lung Research (DZL), the junior research group „Economics and Management of Lung Diseases“ carries out health economic and health care services research with the overall goal to improve the situation of individuals affected by lung diseases. The junior research group has broad methodological expertise in claims data and cohort based observational studies and health economic evaluations alongside clinical trials. Corresponding research is mainly focused on the indications COPD, lung cancer and interstitial lung diseases as well as lung transplantation (cross-indicational). In close cooperation with clinical partners the junior research group analyses costs of care, current care structures, quality of life aspects and the potentials of (innovative) therapeutic and disease management approaches. Corresponding evidence is expected to provide a sound starting point for an efficient and patient-centered provision of health care services to individuals with lung diseases.

Disease Areas