Gerrit Jürjens


2005-2010                     Studies in Life Science and Chemistry, Leibniz University
                                     Hannover and ICES/A*STAR Singapore

Professional experience:

2010-2014                     Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) in Chemistry, Leibniz University Hannover,
                                     Topic: „Synthesis of an ansamycin hybrid // Studies towards
                                       the identification of an unusual azide reductase activity in
                                       A. pretiosum“

2014-2016                     Postdoctoral stay at the Sanofi-Fraunhofer Natural Product
                                     Center of Excellence
                                     Topic: Synthesis and lead strcuture optimisation of
                                       Gram-negative antibiotics from natural products

2016-today                    Subgroup leader for medicinal chemistry of infectious
                                      diseases at the IMC, Helmholtz Centre Munich