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Helmholtz Munich | ©Petra Nehmeyer

Welcome Hannah!


We are happy that Hannah will start her PhD thesis with us.

Here she introduces herself in a few words.

"Having a background in Medical Physics, I am going to start my PhD together with Prof. Julia Schnabel and Dr. Christine Preibisch in the beginning of May - on the topic of deep learning for reconstruction of multi-parametric magnetic resonance brain imaging. The principles of MRI have already been a large part of my MSc studies, involving my MSc thesis on motion correction for brain MRI. I am looking forward to continue working in the field of MRI and combine ideas from physics and deep learning to develop new reconstruction methods. 

In my free time I enjoy skiing, climbing and hiking in the mountains and am looking forward to explore the possibilities in the neighborhood of Munich."


We are happy to have her join our team and are very much looking forward to working with her!