Innovation & Translation: from bench to patients

Transferring discovery and knowledge to patients and society is of outmost importance for us. Our main objectives are the development of new transformative assets for prevention, personalized therapeutics, diagnostics as well as medical devices. Special emphasis is placed on drug discovery and development as an activity across all our institutes and research groups covering new small molecules, biologics, vaccines, immune and cellular therapies.

Available Assets

The innovative and sustainable project portfolio of Helmholtz Zentrum München currently comprises several innovative assets for the development of therapeutics, diagnostics and medical devices covering a significant range of diseases and indications. For an overview of our patent-protected assets and research tools currently available for partnering, please see our respective portfolio below:


Discovery and development of innovative small molecules, biologics, vaccines, immune and cell therapies for an effective prevention and treatment of diseases with high unmet medical need.

Diagnostics & Medical Devices

Discovery and development of novel biomarkers, diagnostic antibodies, probes, imaging tools and medical devices supporting precision diagnostics and personalized medicine.


Cell lines, research antibodies, molecular probes, assays, genetic tools and predictive algorithms strengthening high-class translational research and innovation.

Spin-off projects

Transferring cutting-edge innovative assets as quickly as possible into sustainable companies and marketable products to enhance patients' quality of life.

Success stories

Infrastructure & Skills