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Foto Eva Schlosser_

Dr. Eva Schlosser, PMP®

Director of Operations of Molecular Targets and Therapeutics Center


Science management

Science manager, Dr. Eva Schlosser graduated from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and passed her doctoral degree at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried.

During her time as research consultant at University of Applied Sciences Munich, she was awarded a fellowship of the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft.

At Institute of Structural Biology, she managed as EU Liaison officer, certified by BMBF, several European Projects, as well as a bundle of nationally funded projects besides all material and coordinative respects of the Institute of Structural Biology.

Since her appointment as Director of Operations of the Molecular Targets and Therapeutics Center, Dr. Eva Schlosser is resonsible for all Management aspects of the department's twelve institutes.


Working interests

    Science management
    Project and process management
    Research and technology transfer
    Strategy and development processes
    Evaluation and quality management
    Communication and organizational development
    Research funding
    Public relation


Research interests

    Structural Biology
    Drug discovery
    Drug design
    Connective tissue research
    Cell attachment
    Cell mobility