During these challenging times and using our expertise and resources, our goal is to make significant contributions to the fight against the pandemic as efficiently as possible. We have established the fightCOVID@HMGU task force which, under the leadership of Martin Hrabě de Angelis, has the responsibility of coordinating all relevant research projects and support activities. Some of the areas our projects cover include: Diagnostics, Cohorts & Genomics, Therapeutics, Data-based approaches.


Provide equipment and personnel for routine SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis. Our researchers are developing new detection approaches to improve the diagnosis process.

Cohorts and Genomics

Establish precision monitoring tools to guide societal restrictions and future vaccination strategies, identify risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 infection and complications in Diabetes and Chronic Lung Disease patients. We are using KORA, NAKO cohorts and available biobanks from diabetes and chronic lung disease patient cohorts.


Identify biomolecules and antibodies with antiviral and neutralizing functions in preclinical settings to enter clinical development as soon as possible. Predict viral targets for therapeutic intervention using AI powered tools. Time frame for the delivery of first results is estimated around six months.

Data-based approaches

Large-scale analysis of airway single-cell atlases to identify cell-type specific vulnerabilities


Approaches to the prevention and management of future pandemics. We are involved in two interdisciplinary collaborative projects of the Helmholtz Association, in which holistic approaches to pandemic management are to be researched on the basis of the latest findings from the Corona crisis. The projects are part of the Helmholtz-wide campaign “The Coronavirus Pandemic: Insight, Coping, and Prevention”.


Interaction and synergies with other institutions is key. We work closely with TUM and LMU, the German Centers for Health Research and of course we work closely with the Helmholtz Association and Helmholtz Health Research.