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Helmholtz Munich | ©Petra Nehmeyer

Welcome Maxime!


Since April we have a new IML member: Maxime di Folco.

We welcome him warmly!

"Hi everybody 

I am Maxime Di Folco, I'm french and I come from Lyon where I grew up and study. After an engineering school in image processing and informatics, I have done a PhD (defended in November 2021) in the CREATIS laboratory which is specialised in medical imaging. During my PhD, I have worked on manifold learning methods applied to cardiac imaging and my focus was the study of the link between cardiac shape and deformation.

I will join the group for my first postdoc position. 

Other than work, I am playing basketball and love sport in general. I enjoy also meeting friends for any kind of activity (cooking, board games, beer-drinking …). 

I am excited to be part of the team.  

See you soon! "    


We are happy to have him join our team and are very much looking forward to working with him!