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Internship Program for Postdocs: 2nd Call

As part of the Helmholtz Munich Internship Program for Postdocs, selected postdocs have the opportunity to conduct a paid internship.

The Career Center for Doctoral Researchers and Postdocs as successfully acquired additional funds from Helmholtz Initiative and Networking Fund to establish this program.

The internship program allows postdocs with a Helmholtz Munich employment contract to leave the academic world and mindset for a limited time period (1-3 months) to conduct a paid internship with a company or an organization of the public or private sector.

Deadline for the 2nd call: Submit all application documents in one PDF by email before the deadline until July 2nd 2023.

To plan your application, please download the application form and guide (.pdf). Contact us to get the .docx version.

Application Form and Guide

During your internship, you will gain new skills, develop professional networks outside academia, encounter entrepreneurial thinking and new management tools and gain an understanding for translational pathways. It will support you to gain confidence in your career choice and to gain a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial and translational mindset. The internship could hence be a door opener for a transition to industry or just a brief pause from your academic career.

For Helmholtz institutes and PI, the program means a great opportunity to support your career development that is such an essential part of the postdoc period and to extend their collaboration with industry and public sector partners.

Who is eligible for this program?

  • Postdocs with a limited-time work contract at Helmholtz Munich are eligible to apply for this program
  • Postdocs who completed their doctorate more than 6 years agoare also eligible
  • As a minimum requirement, you need to have your doctoral thesis defended before starting the internship.
  • Postdocs who do not have a work contract at Helmholtz Munich and postdocs with a permanent contract are not eligible.

During the internship, the postdoc will remain employed at Helmholtz Munich and your contract will be extended for the duration of the fellowship. As part of this program, your will continue to receive your salary as well as travel and housing costs if applicable. 

Identify companies or public institutions for your internship and reach out to them.
You are unsure how to identify a company or public institution for your internship? You have a company in mind but don’t know how to contact them? You need support to adapt your CV? Reach out to the Helmholtz Munich Career Center for a One-on-One coaching or their Online Walk-Ins. Please note that you will need to identify and approach suitable internship partners yourself before applying for the program, the Career Center will not contact companies for you.

The internship can be started between April 1, 2023 and January 1, 2024 and need to be concluded before March 31, 2023.


For questions related to finding the right company for your internship, understand how an internship fits into your career etc., please contact Meike Rottermann and Nicola Bauer from Career Center for Postdocs and Doctoral Researchers:

If you have questions about the application process, general questions from your PI, documents, forms provided by companies, the selection process etc., please contact Neele Meyer, Postdoc Center via