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Elections of Representatives

Register until January 31st as a candidate for the elections!

So far, the interests of postdocs at Helmholtz Munich have been represented by postdocs involved in the Postdoc Association. To formalize the representation of postdocs at the Center, we are currenlty planning elections for Postdoc Representatives early in 2023.

The Postdoc Representatives will be official representatives of all postdocs at Helmholtz Munich and have the opportunity to shape the situation and experience of postdocs at the Center in future in close collaboration with the Postdoc Association.

All postdocs who are either employed at Helmholtz Munich or work at the Center with a guest contract have the opportunity to vote and to participate in the elections as candidates. 


  • Further information about the elections will be provided during a virtual info event on June 29th 2022.
  • Postdocs can register until January 31st 2023 as candidates.
  • The election will take place between Feburary 15-28th 2023.
  • The term of the elected Postdoc Representatives starts immediately after the election.

The postdoc representatives will be the voice of the postdocs and official representatives towards all bodies at the Center. Therefore, they have the opportunity to shape the situation of postdocs at the center in the future: As the first elected representatives, they will be able to design and develop their role and the agenda of the postdoc representation further during the first term and to implement own ideas and topics of concern.

The Postdoc Representatives will closely collaborate with the Postdoc Coordinator and the Helmholtz Munich Postdoc Association, which has already pioneered in improving the experience of postdocs at the Center e.g. by welcoming new postdocs and organizing regular networking events. The postdoc representatives and the Postdoc Association will also be in close exchange with other postdocs in Munich via Munich Postdoc Network.

The Board of Postdoc Representatives will consist of three members – one spokesperson and two deputies – who are elected for the period of one year. Hence, elections will be held virtually once a year. A re-election is possible and we particularly invite female postdocs to stand as candidates. 

All postdocs who are either employed at the Center or work here with a guest contract may stand as a candidate. Candidates need to fulfill the following requirements:

1. You completed your doctorate 0-6 years ago

Researchers can stand as candidates if they have submitted their doctoral thesis.

Please note that according to the Helmholtz Munich guidelines, researchers who completed their doctorate less than six years ago are considered postdocs (prolongations are applicable for childcare and other family-related reasons in accordance with HR). Researchers who have completed their doctorate more than six years ago are considered scientists and may hence not stand as candidates, but are more than welcome to join the Postdoc Association to continue to support postdocs at the Center.

A researcher can stand as candidate if s/he is in the sixth year after completing the doctorate.

2. You need a contract with Helmholtz Munich (either a work contract or a guest contract)

As the term is one year, you should ideally have a work or guest contract for the duration of the term. However, this is not a hard criterion, we can discuss on an individual basis whether a candidancy makes sense. 

To sign up as a candidate, please get in touch with the Postdoc Coordinator, Neele Meyer, until January 31st 2023 to express your interest.

You will be asked to provide a small biography note, a few sentences on why you want to be a postdoc representative and a picture for the election later on. This information will be shared with all eligible voters during the election.

All postdocs at Helmholtz Munich who finished their doctorate less than six years ago and have a work contract or guest contract are invited to vote. There are currently about 160 postdocs in this phase at Helmholtz Munich. All researchers entitled to vote will receive an email with the link to the electoral survey. The candidates will be presented with a bio note and a small motivational statement. Each voter has one vote. In total, three representatives – one spokesperson and two deputies – will be elected.

The candidate with most votes will be the spokesperson. The persons who get second- und third-highest votes will be the deputies. All other candidates will also be warmly invited join the Board of the Postdoc Association to actively shape the experience of postdocs at Helmholtz Munich.


For any questions you may have, please get in touch:

Dr. Neele Meyer
Program Coordinator