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Luftaufnahme Pioneer Campus
Helmholtz Munich | ©Oliver Scholz

Pioneer Campus - your next career step

The Helmholtz Pioneer Campus serves as an innovation and accelerator hub of Helmholtz Munich, where interdisciplinary ideas ignite. We foster the unconventional, the groundbreaking - the research poised to shape the future of medicine.

Pioneer Campus - your next career step

Situated within a thriving European R&D cluster, the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus serves as an innovation and accelerator hub, where interdisciplinary ideas ignite. We foster the unconventional, the groundbreaking, the research poised to transform the future of medicine.

What we stand for

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Who we are

Research Area - Biomedicine

We strive to understand how genomes coordinate transcription within the context of nuclear organization to guide complex developmental decisions. We create novel tools and approaches for single-cell biology.

Directors and Principle Investigators Pioneer Campus, Eröffnung

Nicolas Battich

PI "Quantitative Cell Biology" View profile

Combining engineering and biological approaches, Matthias lab aims to understand the role of natural stem cell niches mechanistically and simulate /manipulate them reproducibly unde rlaboratory conditions. 

Meier, Matthias

Matthias Meier

PI "Bioengineering and Microfluidics" View profile

Celia´s lab aims to differentiated "molecular age" and "chronological age". Novel molecular featureswill be useful to decipher the impact of cellular variability on tissue function, during ageing and in chronic diseases.

Martinez Celia

Celia P. Martinez Jimenez

PI "Molecular Ageing" View profile

The vision of Boyan´s Team is to understand the genomic blueprints guiding billions of neurons to assemble into the most complex organ in the universe - the humain brain. 

Boyan Bonev

Boyan Bonev

PI "3D Genome & Molecular Neurobiology" View profile

Who we are

Research Area - Bioengineering

Marion´s Team uses in situ cryo-electron tomography methodologies, including correlative cryo-focused ion beam milling sample preparation and image processing to reveal actin architectures directly inside the native cellular environment.

Portrait Marion Jasnin

Marion Jasnin

PI "The Cryoskeleton Lab" View profile

We are a diverse team of researchers asking interdisciplinary questions, and engaging in multidisciplinary approaches, in the hopes of achieving transdisciplinary outcomes (transcending disciplines).

Portrait Jian Cui

Jian Cui

PI "The nanoPROBE lab" View profile

Our group’s primary research focus is the role of mechanics in human disease, especially of the lung. We leverage quantitative imaging and bioengineering to study mechanisms at different temporal and spatial scales.

Nawroth- neu Portrait

Janna Nawroth

PI "Mechanobiology Lab" View profile

Our research is dedicated to the development of excellent techniques for biomedical imaging. The advancement of new targeted contrast agents and novel imaging modalities will pave the way for personalized therapy.

Bruns, Oliver

Oliver Bruns

PI "Next-Generation in vivo Imaging" View profile

Who we are

Research Area - Biomedical AI

Our aims are to use large-scale population-based association approaches to identify heterogenous subtypes of MDD. We follow up genetic association results with multi-omics investigations to reveal molecular mechanisms.

Na Cai Portrait Helmholtz Munich

Na Cai

PI "Translational Genetics Group" View profile

We advance human disease research by combining human genetics with AI-driven analyses of high-content phenotypes.

Porträt Paolo Casale

Francesco Paolo Casale

PI "Systems Genetics & Machine Learning" View profile

We study how genomics in combination with Artificial Intelligence can benefit One Health, which affirms that human health and the health of our planet are inextricably linked.

Lara Urban

Lara Urban

PI "One Health" View profile

Our research agenda is to create, cultivate, and critique multi-scale analyses tools based on topological machine learning techniques, with a specific focus on healthcare topics.

Bastian Rieck

Bastian Rieck

PI "AIDOS lab" View profile

Where the science happens

The Pioneer Campus has begun the next chapter and has moved into the new building. Discover the unique concept and design of the new Pioneer Campus.

Pioneer Campus - Board of Di­rec­tors

Vasilis Ntziachristos

Prof. Dr. Vasilis Ntziachristos

Director of Bioengineering
Portrait Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla

Prof. Dr. Maria Elena Torres Padilla

Director of Biomedicine

Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian Theis

Director of Biomedical AI

Thomas Schwarz-Romond, PhD, MBA

Director of Operations

Helmholtz Pioneer Campus

Thomas Schwarz-Romond, PhD, MBA

Director of Operations

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