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Helmholtz Munich

Helmholtz Munich Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform

The aim of the Helmholtz Munich Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform (CEMP) is to enable state-of-the-art structural analysis of biomolecular structures in their native environment and for substructural biology of novel therapeutic targets. The CEMP provides access to high-end cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) equipment and user support for sample preparation, data collection and data processing for single-particle analysis (SPA) structural biology and cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) applications.

The Helmholtz Munich CEMP houses a 200kV Glacios, a 300kV Titan Krios G4 as well as equipment needed for sample preparation, loading and storage (Plasma cleaner, Vitrobot Mark 4, etc.). The Titan Krios is equipped with a cold field emission gun, a Selectris post-column imaging filter, a Volta Phase Plate and Falcon 4i direct electron detector and enables both high-resolution SPA and cryo-ET applications. The Glacios, equipped with a Falcon 4i detector, allows for high throughput sample screening as well as high resolution imaging.