Research for the Foundations of Human Life

Helmholtz Zentrum Munich is a member of the Helmholtz Association, Germany’s largest scientific organization. Here 18 scientific-technical and medical-biological research centers have joined together to pursue long-term research goals on behalf of the state and society. The Association strives to gain insights and knowledge so that it can help to preserve and improve the foundations of human life. To this end, it identifies and addresses the urgent challenges faced by society, science and industry and performs top-class research in strategic programs in six core fields:

  • Energy
  • Earth and Environment
  • Health
  • Key Technologies
  • Structure of Matter as well as Aeronautics
  • Space and Transport

Our Mission in the Helmholtz Association

The mission of the Helmholtz Association is to conduct research that addresses the tremendous, urgent challenges of science, society and industry. Helmholtz Zentrum München contributes to this endeavor within the research areas of Health and Earth and Environment. The objective of the scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum München is to find treatments for currently incurable diseases and to sustainably safeguard the foundations of human life in order to improve individual health.

Website of the Helmholtz Association