Program-Oriented Funding of the Helmholtz Association

To successfully execute its tasks, the Helmholtz Association concentrates its endeavors in six research areas: Energy, Earth and Environment, Health, Aeronautics, Space and Transport, Key Technologies and the Structure of Matter. For each area of research, scientists develop research programs that are evaluated by international experts. This assessment forms the basis for the program-oriented funding of research of the Helmholtz Association. In the six research areas Helmholtz scientists cooperate with each other and with external partners – working across disciplinary, organizational and national borders. The name Helmholtz stands for sustainable research, which requires networking as a fundamental principle of research inquiry and activity. Sustained and concerted research is flexible and capable of high achievement. With such research, the Helmholtz Association pursues the goal of creating a robust basis for designing the future.

Current POF-Programs:

ENvironmental and MetABoLic HEalth (ENABLE)