Dr. Li Deng, ERC Starting Grant awardee
" I really appreciate the reliable support and funding efforts of the Project Funding Office."

We are inviting talented and ambitious early career scientists to team up with us and apply for ERC starter or consolidator grants. We will support you all the way. From the preparation of your ERC application right up to the grant implementation.

Qualifying criteria for candidates

  • Your international scientific ranking is on the top compared to other scientists in your field
  • You have several groundbreaking high-impact publications as first (Starting Grant) or last author (Consolidator Grant) without your PhD supervisor
  • You have a new idea at the forefront of research going beyond state of the art documented by a recent main authorship high-impact publication
  • You have experience as a researcher with independent creative work at a renowned institution
  • You have an outstanding CV and track record

Gain from our pedigree and infrastructure

Benefit from a multidisciplinary environment

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  • Metabolic Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Molecular Targets & Therapies
  • Cell Programming & Repair
  • Bioengineering
  • Digital Health

Get access to hands-on support

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  • Coaching support that has been tested
  • Financial support on top of the ERC Grant (e.g. your own position)
  • Tenure option
  • 50% of the ERC overhead
  • Be supported by our in-house topic experts

Benefit from our coaching program

Kick-off workshop/meeting for proposal writing, optimizing chances

Support with templates, proposal reading based on guidelines

Setting up a time plan for individual coaching

Budgeting your proposal and quality assurance with our checklist

Internal scientific expert panel for draft proposal reading

Interview training

Support for family and research team

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  • Work-life balance
  • International staff services
  • Support for accomodation
  • Child care support
  • Graduate program
  • Postdoctoral fellowship program

Learn more about your opportunities

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