Allergy and Health

Currently, more than one in five people in Germany has an allergy. The number of people affected has risen steadily in recent decades. Nevertheless, the consequences of allergies are still underestimated. The symptoms can reduce the quality of life considerably and cause further health problems. For this reason, early diagnosis and appropriate care is of great importance for people with allergies.

At Helmholtz Zentrum München we are researching the mechanisms of allergic diseases, how the environment affects the development of allergies and search for possibilities for allergy prevention.

With this service we promote the exchange between science and society on allergies:

Allergy Information Service

We offer up-to-date and scientifically proven knowledge from all areas of allergy research and allergology for patients and their relatives as well as the general public. We provide information on numerous clinical pictures, diagnosis and therapy options and give tips for a better living with an allergy. (Mainly in German)

For a healthier society – our activities: