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What does statistical consulting include?

We offer support for research questions and challenges in biostatistics, including:

Resource discovery

We refer you to the appropriate literature and suitable statistical methods for your problem. You can then carry out the analysis on your own and we will be there to back you up if needed.


We read your work and check it with regard to the application and description of statistical methods.

Data analysis

Together with you, we create an analysis plan for your question. We then carry out the individual parts of the complete analysis for you. We use a variety of established statistical methods for this purpose.

Method development

If there is no established method for your problem yet, we will develop one that fits your data.

Preparing publication material

We create professional graphics, tables and other materials according to your wishes for your publication.

Expert letters

We write statistical opinions for animal experiments application.

Shiny Apps

We programme web-based applications with user-friendly interfaces. These contain your analysis and you can use this application for future applications.

Our expertise

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