Graphics with R

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Programming skills with R, e.g. course Introduction to R and additional practice.

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The participants will be taught how to build advanced graphics with R. This includes highly customized figures and different formats of output documentation. All topics are accompanied with hands-on exercises.


This course on customizing R output covers two different parts:

  • Modifying base R graphics: This includes font modification, customization of axes, adding multiple layers to one graphic and arranging multiple figures to one graphic (layout).
  • Introduction to ggplot2: The R package ggplot2 provides a different “grammar” of building figures with R. It is convenient for complex self-contained figures. The course covers the basic principles of using ggplot2.
  • Remark: This course has been renamed from the course “Advanced Graphics with R”.  The topic "RMarkdown" of the former day 3 is now considered in an extra course RMarkdown.


The course consists of lessons how to work with graphics in R and of hands-on examples with best-practice solutions.

  • This course will be offered either on campus (in person), or online. The dates of online and on campus courses are indicated in the table here.
  • For on campus courses please check the restrictions and hygiene rules described here*.
  • For online courses we use the software Zoom, for further information, please check the description here here*.


Duration: 2 Days 

Language: English


  • Material for the course can be found here* .
  • Please install the necessary R-packages prior to the course. The packages are listed in "Material_GraphicsR.html" which is part of the linked ZIP-folder.
  • Please be aware that the materials will be updated shortly before the next course.

Dates and Application:


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