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EPCARD - the European Program Package for the Calculation of Aviation Route Doses - calculates cosmic radiation doses obtained by individuals along any aviation route at flight altitudes between 5,000 m and 25,000 m, both in terms of ambient dose equivalent and effective dose.

EPCARD.Net software is a formal successor of former EPCARD program, and is based on the same physical algorithms that were part of the previous sucessfull version. 
Additionally, EPCARD.Net is designed for the Microsoft® .NET (for Windows OS) or Mono-project® ( for "Linux-like" OS) frameworks. EPCARD.Net is also designed for XML/HTML data exchange technology. 
EPCARD.Net is aviable as "stand alone" and Internet "off-line" application and can be easily implemented on your company computers.

The EPCARD.Net ver. 5.4.3 software was validated by the German National Metrology Institute (PTB) and certified (approved) for official use for aircrew dosimetry by the  German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA)  on April 23rd, 2010.