Prof. Dr. rer. biol. hum. Annette Peters, Dipl.-Biol., MSc

Medizinischen Fakultät der Ludwig Maximilians Universität München
Institut für medizinische Informationsverarbeitung, Biometrie und Epidemiologie
Lehrstuhl für Epidemiologie

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Environmental Health
EH 521 - Environmental Cardiology, Harvard Course Catalog

Staff from the Institute of Epidemiology
teach in the Master of Public Health (MPH) and Epidemiology (M.Sc.) program at the LMU.

Research Group "Environmental Risks" together with Research Group "Exposure Assessment"

Lectures at the Munich School of Public Health
[Master of Public Health (MPH) and Master of Science in Epidemiology (MSc)]

  • Lectures and Practical Exercises in Advanced Epidemiology:

    Part 1: Advanced Methods in Epidemiology (Seminar/Exercise)

    - Introduction to SAS
    - Introduction to cohort studies
    - Logistic regression
    - Confounding and model selection in cohort studies
    - Survival analysis
    - Poisson regression analysis
    - Non-linear effect estimation
    - Repeated measurements analysis (GEE)
    - Meta-analysis

  • Part 2: Advanced Seminar in Epidemiology

    Study critiques on:
    - Spatial epidemiology and hierarchical models
    - Case-only designs
    - Case-control studies
    - Case-cohort studies

  • Part 3: Advanced Practical Applications of Epidemiology

    - Good epidemiological practice and study implementation
    - Quality assurance reports
    - Standard operating procedures
    - Visit at the KORA study center and measurement station

  • Lectures and Practical Exercises in Environmental Epidemiology:

    Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology I

    - Exposure assessment in environmental epidemiology
    - Health effects of weather / global warming and health
    - London fog exercise
    - Study design exercise
    - Short-term health effects of air pollution / traffic
    - Long-term health effects of air pollution
    - Environment and allergies
    - Air pollution and pregnancy outcomes
    - Soy dust exercise (WHO)
    - Environmental cancer
    - Measurement error: concepts and statistical corrections
    - Gene-environment-interactions

    Practical Exercises

    - Development of standard operating procedures
    - Measurement of personal exposure to ultrafine particles in an urban area

  • Lectures for “Amtsärzte”,  MPH- and MSc-students

Overview on ambient air pollution and related health effects "Environment and Health

Proposals for internships and master theses for MPH- and MSc-students

Seminars at the Institute of Statistics (LMU) (with Prof. Helmut Küchenhoff)

Block course  "Messfehlermodelle bei epidemiologischen Studien zur Wirkung von Luftschadstoffen“

- Air pollution measurements for epidemiological studies
- Ambient air pollutants and health

University of Augsburg

Geographic Colloquium

- Measurement station Augsburg

Block course "Feinstaub – Gesundheitliche Relevanz, Quellen und meteorologische Einflüsse"

- Health effects of ambient air pollutants using the example of fine particles
- Concepts of exposure estimation in epidemiological studies
- Practical Exercise: Source apportionment

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Lecture "Luftreinhaltung

- Health effects of ambient particulate matter
- New concepts of air pollution measurement and characterization
- Visits at measurement station

University of Münster

First German Collaborative Summer School in Epidemiology 2011

- Estimation of personal exposure to fine and ultrafine particles in epidemiological studies

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