UFIPOLNET – Ultrafine particle size distribution in air pollution monitoring network

The main objective of this project is to demonstrate an inexpensive system that can be easily built in a measuring container and integrated in a routine measuring network for measuring number concentrations of particles within a size range of 15-500 nm to be specified. This new system should:

  • be suitable for residential areas in Europe
  • be affordable (low price)
  • be easy to use
  • produce stable and reliable data
  • document measuring activities over several years.

In a second phase the new device has been tested at four places with different climatic conditions, aerosol composition and composition of the vehicle fleets in Stockholm (Sweden), Augsburg and Dresden (Germany), and Prague (Czech Republic).Finally, a congress for experts and the interested public was organized in October 2007. The results are transferred to the interested public, the scientific community and interested groups, like CAFE (Clean Air for Europe) and VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure - Association of German Engineers).

Project duration:
December 2004 until March 2008.

LfUG Saxon State Agency for Environment and Geology

CHMI Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Praha, Czech Republic

IfT Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research, Leipzig, Germany

ITM Department of Applied Environmental Science, Atmospheric Science unit, Stockholm University, Sweden

TOPAS GmbH, Dresden, Germany

TSI GmbH, Aachen, Germany

Helmholtz Zentrum München, German Research Center for Environmental Health, Institute of Epidemiology II:
Josef Cyrys (project coordination)
Mike Pitz (technical coordination and supervision)
Annette Peters (consultant)
H.-Erich Wichmann (consultant)

With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community UFIPOLNET LIFE04 ENV/DE/000054.

Helmholtz Zentrum München
Institute of Epidemiology
Dr. Josef Cyrys
P.O. Box 1129
D-85758 Neuherberg
Tel. +49 89 3187-4156
Fax +49 89 3187-3380

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