About us

Understanding Epigenetics is of central importance for understanding the link of health, disease and environment. Epigenetic processes are at the origin of cellular reprogramming and potency essential and enable the cellular response to environmental signals. However, if these processes go wrong it can result in environmentally-triggered diseases, including diabetes or cancer.

Within the epigenetics@HMGU community, researchers benefit from a broad range of activities that stimulate exchange of ideas, sharing of technological advances, development of collaborative projects and various training opportunities through International Training Programs. Local and high profile, international meetings organized by the teams of the community attract experts from all over the world to Helmholtz Zentrum München and fostering a strong local environment in the field of epigenetics. Spread across the three campus sites of Helmholtz Zentrum München, the epigenetics@ HMGU community provides a platform through which researchers at every career level can interact and discuss their research through regular seminar series and community events. 

The Strategy & Management office of the Epigenetics@HMGU ensures a vibrant, inspiring and internationally competitive research environment and promotes creativity and the generation and sharing of new ideas – they keys to develop an international hotspot for epigenetics research and to create impact for and with society. Centerstage of the office are:

  • Community development
  • Research & Training
  • Societal Impact