First Munich Epigenetics Spotlight meeting

The first Munich Epigenetic Spotlight meeting was held at Helmholtz Zentrum München in Großhadern on Monday 24th October 2016. 

Organised by Maria Elena Torres-Padilla and Robert Schneider, together with Abcam, the meeting brought together the local epigenetics community including over 60 researchers from the three HMGU campus sites together with delegates from the LMU, TUM and the University of Regensburg.  Keynote lectures by Michiel Vermeulen and Thomas Jenuwein were complemented by four short talks selected from abstracts, stimulating discussions on our current understanding of chromatin regulation.  The afternoon provided an important platform for PhD students and post-docs to present their work to the local epigenetics community and establish interactions. Post-talk discussions were developed further during the following drinks reception.