Summer Internship Programme Success Continues

2017 Summer Internship Programme. Source: HMGU

After a successful pilot in 2016, the Summer Internship Programme in Epigenetics, Cellular Plasticity and Stem Cells ran again in the summer of 2017.  Seven teams from the 3 campus sites of Helmholtz Zentrum München each welcomed a summer internship student for an 8 week research project in the fields of epigenetics, cellular plasticity or stem cell research.

With the continued aim of attracting the brightest young talents from all over the world to Helmholtz Zentrum München, the internship programme was advertised internationally and received applications from individuals in 22 different countries and of 24 nationalities. The seven selected internship students came from France, Hungary, Poland, Iran, Vietnam, The Netherlands and Mexico, and worked on cutting edge projects ranging from computational modelling and machine learning, to embryonic development, imaging and molecular approaches.

The internship students participated in lab meetings, retreats, seminars and group activities within their host teams, and presented their data to researchers at HMGU in an afternoon of short-talks. Internship students were fully incorporated in to the life and activities of the epigenetics @HMGU community during their research stay, enabling ample opportunities for interactions and enriching scientific discussions. “The constant mutual assistance among the members of my host laboratory created a particularly favorable atmosphere to learn and to produce top-level work” said Mathilde Hoffmann, who performed her internship in Dirk Eick’s lab at the Research Unit Molecular Epigenetics.  “I also really liked the convivial events like the summer barbecue, at which I met many interesting people who shared their experience with me and gave me advice”.

This year’s internship programme, as in the pilot year, was a truly collaborative effort between the Epigenetics and Stem Cells Office and the centers administrative teams. “With two great programmes already complete, we are excited to see the Summer Internship Programme in Epigenetics, Cellular Plasticity and Stem Cells as a regular event on the calendar” says Astrid Lunkes, head of the Epigenetics and Stem Cells Management and Strategy Office. “We are very motivated to continue developing a framework in which future leaders can thrive: Securing the training and education of basic research scientists, who will be central to the scientific advancements of the future” she added.

The groups and institutes participating in the 2017 programme are as follows; Dirk Eick (MEG); Matthias Heinig, Maria Colome-Tatche and Carsten Marr (ICB; joint project); Irmela Jeremias (AHS); Heiko Lickert (IDR); Robert Schneider (IFE); Fabian Theis (ICB) and Maria Elena Torres-Padilla (IES).

Further information and announcements for the 2018 programme is available on our webpage and via our Twitter account.