First epigenetics@HMGU retreat

epigenetics @HMGU researchers at the first epigenetics @HMGU retreat. Source: HMGU

The first epigenetics @HMGU retreat took place on October 24th-25th 2017 close to Lake Ammersee in Bavaria.

The retreat was expertly organized by a committee of PhD students and postdocs from epigenetics @HMGU and aimed to promote scientific discussions and community building amongst epigenetics @HMGU researchers. The retreat kicked off with a poster session to introduce the research focus of each team and its team members. The programme then continued with a mix of 15 minute talks from each participating team and flash talks in which presenters highlighted key questions, techniques and opportunities for intracommunity collaboration.  Novel project ideas based on community expertise were further explored in an innovative breakout session. 

This year’s retreat was organized by Poonam Bheda (Schneider, IFE), Maren Buettner (Theis, ICB), Jonatan Darr (Teperino, IEG), Igor Kukhtevich (Schneider, IFE), Jessica Pellegrino (Schneider, IFE), Annalisa Schaub (Glasmacher, IDO) and Lara Shahidian (Schneider, IFE).

We thank the venue and the organizing committee for such a well-organised, dynamic and interactive retreat!