Training & Career

You are excited about understanding life? You would like to gain hands-on research experience and find out more about the daily life of scientists?

Our SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM IN EPIGENETICS, STEM CELLS, AND ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE is a unique opportunity for students, who are interested in pursuing a career in the life sciences to experience the daily life of scientists live and to gain practical experience working in wet and/or dry laboratories.

The international program welcomes highly talented and motivated undergraduate and first year master's students to work alongside leading researchers for 8 weeks on cutting-edge projects. Techniques include biochemistry, molecular biology, imaging, stem cell biology, and implementing computational approaches inlcuding artificial intelligence algorithms according to the expertise of the host lab. We offer an 8-week program, which will give you the opportunity to learn how to:

  • ask scientific questions
  • plan and perform experiments and/or
  • develop and apply computational and machine learning approaches
  • discuss your data with our experts
  • enjoy a dynamic, international research environment

During your research stay, you will work alongside leading scientists on cutting-edge projects and participate in all activities of the epigenetics@HMGU research groups.

Check out the previous rounds here and visit the alumni section to find out more about the internship experience!

You can also follow us on Twitter @epigeneticsHMGU for further updates.