Training & Career

Would you like to leave a footprint? Would you like to improve health and environment?

If your answer is yes, then stop thinking and start acting! Join us at the Epigenetics@HMGU community!

Since its launch in 2016, the development and training of scientific careers have been of great importance to us. Talented scientists are our fundament. Thus, we offer researchers of all levels a framework for their personal and professional development and foster curiosity, innovation and excellence. In doing so, we promote a highly fruitful scientific environment that drives cutting-edge research and knowledge creation.

We want to take the next generation of outstanding scientists by its hand to shape epigenetic research all over the world and to tackle together the future world challenges!

Students in Stem

We offer highly talented and motivated undergraduate and Master students the unique opportunity to work alongside our world-leading researchers during our distinguished Summer Internship Program in Epigenetics, Cellular Plasticity and Stem Cells. There, the students interested in pursuing a scientific career get insights into the life of science and gain hands-on research experience. The supervisors are experts from highly competitive research areas including biochemistry, multi omic approaches, molecular biology, imaging, stem cell biology, big data analysis, machine learning and AI and share their knowledge and experience with the interns.The Epigenetics Summer Internship was initiated in June 2016 and since then, it has taken place annually and has attracted students from all around the world.For more information about our Summer Internship program, go here.

We are also happy to bring you in contact with the researchers of our community for a Bachelor or Master thesis project.

PhD thesis in Epigenetics

The future of science lies in the hand of the future scientist! Epigenetics makes us unique and every PhD student is unique. Thus, we put together an excellent training and self-development PhD program in our International Epigenetics Research School that empowers each graduate student to achieve personal and professional life goals. In addition to their intensive scientific training, our students have the unique opportunity to structure their individual career roadmap. Embedded within the activities of the dynamic, international and collaborative Epigenetics@HMGU community, the Epigenetics Research School members benefit from the research excellence of the teams with outstanding expertise providing an optimal research and training environment.

For more information about our International Epigenetics Research School, go here.

Postdoc in Epigenetics – an excellent career choice

You are coming closer towards the end of your PhD? You have decided to pursue a career in academic research? You are a passionate epigeneticist or Epigenetics caught your attention?

That’s great. Come and join our Epigenetics@HMGU community as a postdoctoral fellow. In our community, early-career scientists work closely together with world-leading experts, discuss innovative ideas to pioneer discoveries, generate knowledge and get insights into novel strategies for bridging science and society providing an excellent training framework that empowers our Epigenetics@HMGU postdocs to be successful scientific leaders everywhere in the world. Together with the career center, we offer individual coaching and mentoring plans, support in grant applications and a modular self-development course portfolio.

For more information about the Career Center, go here.