Core Facility Genomics provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, training, and expert knowledge for Next Generation Sequencing, Genotyping, and Bioinformatics to enable a wide range of genomic research. Our service supports internal and external customers in basic science, discovery, and translational studies.

CF-Genomics offers a one-stop-shop for genomics workflows. NGS Sequencing including single-cell applications, Genotyping (Illumina Microarray), and Bioinformatics experts work together to provide full service while keeping the flexibility to accept requests at any step of the process. A complementary portfolio of consultation services, assay development, training courses, publication and grant support helps our users in achieving their goals.


• Consultation: Experimental design, data analysis, and troubleshooting

• DNA/RNA isolation & QC: Automated extraction from various eukaryotic cell types and tissues, QC portfolio for DNA and RNA

• Library Preparation: Manual and automated for many applications (e.g. WGS, RNA-seq, Exome, Twist, panel library, single-cell library)

• NGS Sequencing: Any Illumina compatible pool for sequencing

• Genotyping: Automated high throughput Illumina arrays

• Sanger Sequencing: for fragments up to 800 bp


• Primary processing and data management for the NGS platform, including single-cell workflows

• Development and provision of analysis pipelines for various NGS applications

• Consultation, customized analysis, mentoring, and knowledge transfer projects

• Training to enable users for independent analytics and visualizations


• Illumina Novaseq 6000 sequencer

• Illumina Nextseq 1000 sequencer

• Illumina MiSeq sequencer

• 10x Genomics ChromiumX

• Agilent Bravo Library Prep Robots

• Tecan Fluent 480 liquid handling robot

• Perkin Elmer Chemagic 360 and Qiagen QiaCube extraction robots

• Illumina iScan with autoloader

• Applied Biosystems SeqStudio and QuantStudio Flex7