Childhood Obesity Follow-up Study

Childhood Obesity Follow-up Study

What is the aim of the study?

Obesity is a life-long burden that often starts already during childhood, although obesity-associated comorbidities such as diabetes, fatty liver disease and atherosclerosis may manifest later in life. This study aims to explore the transition of children with obesity into adulthood from a comprehensive biological, (epi) genetic, environmental and sociopsychological perspective. We will emphasize on risk factors as well as protective factors during childhood that enable the prediction of disease progression during adulthood.

Who may participate?

People who meet the following requirements:

  • Adults at the age of 18 and above that have been treated for obesity during childhood at the University Hospital Leipzig

What happens during the study?

You will undergo the following examinations:

  • Structured reporting of medical history and completion of questionnaires targeting lifestyle, environment and well-being
  • determination of body measurements (weight, height, BMI etc.)
  • measurement of body fat and muscle mass (bioimpedance analysis)
  • blood examinations
  • oral glucose tolerance testing
  • sonography of common carotid artery
  • sonography-based liver elastography
  • 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure measurement

How long does the participation at the study take and will there be a remuneration?

The examinations take place over the course of one day (6h in total) and you will receive 50,-€ expense allowance.

You are interested?

Please do not hesitate to contact us! The study is conducted under the lead of Prof. Antje Körner and HIMAG clinician scientist Dr. Robert Stein from the Department of Pediatrics.

Tel: +49 341 97 26922