Computational Neurobiology

SNiPA is a web service offering variant-centered genome browsing and interactive visualization tools tailored for easy inspection of many variants in their locus context. SNiPA includes a wide range of genome-level datasets contained in the Ensembl database as an established back-bone of annotations for the human genome. We combine this backbone with numerous variant-specific annotations taken from published datasets. Thus, SNiPA covers information ranging from regulatory elements, over gene annotations to variant annotations and associations.
SNiPA contains annotations for all bi-allelic variants in the 1000 genomes project and provides pre-calculated LD-data for r2 ≥ 0.1 for all super-populations (African, American, South and East Asian, European).

SNiPA can be accessed at

Agora is an open space to discover and evaluate the results from the AMP-AD consortium. Explore evidence for your favorite gene or evaluate the dynamic list of genes that have been nominated by the consortium as nascent AD associated drug targets.

Agora can be accessed at