Welcome to the Metabolomics group

Metabolomics is the study of small-molecule metabolite profiles which specific cellular processes leave behind. While gene expression data and proteomic analyses do not tell the whole story of what might be happening in a cell, metabolic profiling can give an instantaneous snapshot of the physiology of that cell. [excerpt from wikipedia]

Research topics

  • Metabolic Individuality
    Associations between metabolite concentrations and genetic variants showing the high metabolic individuality in the general population.
  • Disease and Lifestyle Biomarkers
    Searching for chemical substances that are characteristic for chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases) and a certain lifestyle.
  • Drug Metabolism
    Molecular effects of drugs in humans and model animals.

You can find a detailed description of our current research topics in the Projects section.

Web services

  • SNiPA
    A versitale tool for annotating and browsing genetic variants (SNPs and SNVs)
  • GWAS server
    Results from genome-wide association studies with metabolic traits in the KORA F4 and TwinsUK studies.
  • metaP server
    Automated and standardized data analysis for quantitative metabolomics data

More information about our web services can be found on this page.