Burkhard Hense

Research Interests

My research aim is an improved understanding of complex interactions in biological systems. Problems concerning processes and relations (function and structure) in life science are transferred into mathematical structures by a broad range of by mathematical tools. Re-transfer of the mathematical analysis to biological interpretations presents a fascinating challenge. My approach includes conduction of in silico experiments, evaluation of experimental data for parameters/patterns not directly assessable, as well as development and/or testing of biological hypothesis. This is done in close cooperation with experimental and biological partners.

Main Scientific Fields

  • Functionality of bacterial autoinducer signalling under natural conditions and its relevance for environment and health.
  • Development of diabetes, with focus on mechanisms and prediction.

Further Activities

  • Modelling signalling cascade, especially of Ca2+, in apoptosis (cooperation with the group of H. Zischka, TOXI, Helmholtz Zentrum München).
  • Spatial analyis of pesticide degradation by bacteria in soils (cooperation with R. Schroll and R. Fuss, IBOE, Helmholtz Zentrum München).
  • Effects of endocrine disruptors on structure and function of aquatic ecosystems, especially on plankton.
  • Use of image analysis identification and quantification of algal communities
  • Development of waterbird community at the Ramsar site "Ismaninger Speichersee", near Munich (personal interest).