Soroor Hediyeh-Zadeh
PhD candidate

Building/Room: 58a/b

Soroor is a PhD student in the Machine Learning group at Helmholtz Center Munich, Germany. Before moving to Germany, she worked as a Research Assistant in the Bioinformatics Division at WEHI in Melbourne, Australia, where she also completed a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Medical Biology researching statistical and machine learning models for mass spectrometry. Soroor received a Masters degree in Statistics from the University of Melbourne. She co-organised R-Ladies Melbourne and is currently co-organising Helmholtz Munich STEM-Tisch, also focused on women empowerment in science.

Research interests: Representation learning for the study of molecular aberrations and perturbations. Research profiles : Google scholar id: 5rg6ljIAAAAJ Orchid id: 0000-0001-7513-6779