Alexander Joschua Ohnmacht
PhD candidate

Building/Room: 58b



since 2019Helmholtz Center Munich, Institute of Computational Health,
PhD candidate: Computational drug repositioning and patient stratification in
pharmacogenomic datasets and randomised clinical trials
2016 - 2019Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich
M.Sc. in (Bio)-Physics
Master Thesis: Mass-conserving reaction-diffusion systems in geometry and networks
2015 - 2016University of Oregon, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
External Bachelor Thesis: Coarse-grained semi-flexible polymer models
2012 - 2016University of Constance
B.Sc. in Physics


During his bachelor and master studies in physics, he focused on modelling statistical and dynamical systems in biology. In his PhD thesis he is extending modelling strategies to statistical and machine learning methods for computational drug discovery and development in cancer. Specifically, he is actively working on computational drug repositioning and biomarker discovery with novel data modalities in high-throughput drug screens, drug response prediction, prioritising novel drug combinations through discovery of drug resistance mechanisms, prognostic classification of cancer patients, and the discovery of predictive biomarkers in randomised clinical trials. As an overarching goal, these and future efforts aim at the discovery of molecular mechanisms in cancer upon perturbation for identifying optimal treatment strategies.


drug discovery and development, biomarker discovery, drug repurposing, subgroup analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematical modelling