Ana Galhoz
PhD candidate

Building/Room: 58b




since 2019Helmholtz Centre Munich, Institute of Computational Biology
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
PhD candidate on Computational biomarker identification for patient
stratification and complex disease aetiologies
2018 - 2019Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA
Development of MATLAB surrogate modelling toolbox to support drivetrain
2017Eindhoven University of Technology 
External Master Thesis: Simulation of liquid emptying from horizontal
and inclined tubes with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
2015 - 2017Technical University of Lisbon
M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Applications
2011 - 2015

Technical University of Lisbon
B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Computation
Bachelor Thesis: Optimization algorithms with and without restrictions to
problems of source determination in 3D and manufacturing cost optimization


Throughout my academic studies in applied mathematics, I immersed on the development and implementation of computational and data mining methodologies in physical and biological applications. In my PhD, my research focuses on the development or leverage of robust machine learning and statistical frameworks to systematically explore and discover new biomarkers in several disease segments, with the intent of improving current precision medicine. In particular, I have designed a systems biology disease-specific gene prioritisation network tool, worked on complex modelling frameworks in high-throughput drug screens to identify infrequent sensitive cell lines with resistance biomarkers and for drug response prediction, and created a multi-omics differential expression analysis integration pipeline to gain insights on Parkinson's disease.